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eNewsletter July 2016


This action shot of my five year old (I am clearly on the receiving end) was taken in Hanson Bay, K.I. in January. Having turned 5, he has started school this year. I am reminded that he was only born a few months before our practice opened, which will also turn 5 years old in December this year. The time has flown. We hope this newsletter finds you and your family all ..

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eNewsletter March 2016


With Easter and all of that chocolate on the way, its an appropriate time for an email from your Dentist. A few practice announcements.. 1. Welcoming Dr Anthony Colella A big welcome to Dr Colella. Anthony has recently joined our practice and will intially be assisting us on Wednesdays (including evenings) and Fridays. Anthony has previously assisted with rem..

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eNewsletter November 2015


Thank you to clients of Dental on Metro for all the well wishes given the birth of our the newest addition to my family, daughter Aashna, she and her mum are doing very well. Apologies to any clients that were inconvenienced by my impromptu week off! We are now back to business as usual. In other practice news. 1. Change of hours Upon the arrival of the new b..

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eNewsletter September 2015


Hoping this months e-Newsletter is finding you all well, thank goodness this winter is over. The picture above shows how I dealt with the cold - by heading north! I am back to work on my usual hours this week. I usually remind folks at this time of the year that around now is a good time to use your dental extras cover annual claiming entitlement. For all health..

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eNewsletter July 2015


To all of our valued clients. The 2014-15 financial year was a big one in our practice. Most of the revenue of the practice was returned directly back into the service we provide and to the clients we serve. Fit out during this year equalled our initial investment when establishing the practice. Our objective has been to expand and improve services to our clients..

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eNewsletter May 2015


Greetings to all, we hope this eNewsletter finds you all toasty and warm in these colder months. I myself have been sweating in Cambodia for two weeks. Here’s some updates BUSINESS AS USUAL 1. Dr Bertossa’s is back to his usual consulting hours following his sojourn to Cambodia with his family. Some photos of his holiday can be seen at our Facebo..

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eNewsletter March 2015


To our Valued Client, Here's some updates from Dental on Metro. Again we hope this newsletter finds you all well in 2015. 1. A big welcome to Dr Chelsea Mann. Chelsea started with us on February 9. Chelsea replaces Dr Sahani Guthanilake, and will be assisting us with our busy evening sessions. Chelsea also has day time appointment space available. You c..

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eNewsletter September 2014


From the Newsroom .... . Footy finals the show and fine weather. It always has a good feeling about it at this time of the year. We hope this newsletter finds you all relaxed. Dental on Metro is coming up to its third birthday this December. The practice is re..

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eNewsletter July 2014


Hiya all. I am back from the end of the other end of the earth (Mexico and Cuba), an overall very enjoyable trip for Jenny, Rici and I. It is business as usual at Dental on Metro. Some photos of our trip are loaded to our facebook page. Highlights were abundant including Mexico’s central Zocallo (town square), Peubla (Mexico’s culinary centre) and in C..

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eNewsletter May 2014


I hope our May e-Newsletter finds you all well. I myself have had more than my share of the pre-winter lurgy going around. Here's the news. OUR SECOND SURGERY Its bright and full of 2014 state of the art equipment. Our second surgery is up and running. We will be expanding our popular 3:00 - 7:30 PM time slots to accommodate after work appointments and s..

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eNewsletter February 2014


From the desk! This is what my son Rici and I were doing during the heatwave. We hope this e-Newsletter finds you all well in 2014. Its hard to believe its the middle of February already. Here's some new things in 2014. Kids Dentistry on Medicare Just a reminder to everyone, you may have received a letter from Centrelink advising you of your child's eligibi..

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eNewsletter November 2013


Greetings all, I hope our final eNewsletter for 2013 finds everyone well. Hopefully a bit of down time is on everyone’s agenda as the end of the year closes in on us fast. It has been quite a busy year for us at Dental on Metro. Well over 1000 new clients have joined our practice in 2013. At Dental on Metro we take this opportunity to thank all of our exis..

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eNewsletter October 2013


Dental on Metro wishes you all well as the school holidays are now upon us. For those of you who are sticking around during the school break …… School Break check-ups for kids Dental on Metro is offering extra appointment space for kids during this school break. If you want to escape the inconvenience of organising the kids to for their dental che..

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eNewsletter September 2013


Hi all, welcome to our September 2013 eNewsletter, I hope it finds you all well. Hopefully a bit more sunshine is now on the way. Get your crowns done this calendar year! Just a reminder folks: most dental extra’s cover revolves on the Calender year (i.e. January 1st to December 31st). For clients who need ‘major’ dentistry (crowns, bridges, ..

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eNewsletter August 2013


Welcome to our August E-Newsletter! Here’s a few announcements that may be of interest to you… ELECTION LOOMING… So what’s in the coming election for your teeth? Some folks may have heard of the Medicare Chronic Diseases Scheme which was in place for several years up until its termination in November of last year. This scheme had allowed..

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eNewsletter July 2013


Best regards from Dental on Metro as we now all approach the cold part of the year! Again we hope this Newsletter finds you all well. The following information will update you about some important Government policy issues and improvements taking place at Dental on Metro. As the end of the tax year approaches, remember that dental services can accrue towards the Net Me..

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eNewsletter June 2013


Welcome to Dental on Metro' first e-newsletter. We hope it finds you all well. We hope this newsletter will create an ongoing conversation between our staff and our highly valued clients. Stay subscribed for future promotions such as our whitening offer (/contact/whitening-offer), and our Gap-Free initial check and clean offer (/contact/gap-free). Dental on metro..

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I have been attending this surgery since it first opened, and have been very pleased with the extensive work I have had done on my teeth. The staff are always very friendly and provide care and quality of work - Beth.